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If I'm honest, I have had some strange fears recently that I am working on overcoming. Things that I thought I was passed, but apparently still need to work through.  They are spiritual fears, and I am sure I am not the only one who has had them, and I feel like they need to be acknowledged in order for me to begin working through them. For me, writing out what I am feeling helps clear my mind in a great way and helps me understand even more what I am really feeling and taking some of the emotion out of it.

I have lots of fears, I've lived through a lot, and I tend to hold on to bitterness way too long even if I think I have forgiven someone. Its a definite downfall of mine which I know I need to work on, and some of my fears I feel come from some of my unforgiveness and bitterness from my past.

I am currently going through some personal/spiritual fears that not only are adding the aspect of fear to my life, but also stress because I am CONSTANTLY thinking about things like th…

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